Smyth Companies Labeler

Small Batch Labeling

The cost of running a canning line for a small brewery goes far beyond the fixed cost of capital associated with a new line. Specifically, the minimum order requirements for printed cans makes ordering a new printed flavor prohibitively expensive. The solution is to wrap blank or template stock cans with a flavor label. We use the Smyth Companies Labeler in Minneapolis, MN to build a pressure-sensitive label applicator and provide decorative labels that give our brewery partners the ability to execute limited production canning runs.

Design Highlights

  • Compact and portable design allows for system to be rolled right onto existing conveyor system
  • Actuating arms stop full cans after seaming and rolls on pressure sensitive label
  • Configurable for cans, bottles & growlers of nearly all standard sizes
  • Capable of single or double label application
  • Capable of lining label up with mouth of can for uniform labeling


• Select only the machines that you will need
• Postpone shipment until the space is ready
• Customize our units for your specific needs
• We can help you with layout design & more

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