Decline Can Rinser

Compact | Cleanable | Full Sanitization

When designing the Decline Can Rinsing solution we focused on making a unit that was compact, cleanable, able to achieve full sanitizer coverage on the inside of the can, and eliminate dripping on the floor. By tipping the cans on their side after exiting the Depalletizer, our system applies sanitizer solution that coats the entire inside surface of the can as it rolls before being inverted, righted and then fed onto the filling conveyor. The reverse angle decline allows for a can rinsing system that is compact, further minimizing the footprint of your packaging solution.

Design Highlights

  • Side entry allows cans to be rinsed with less water
  • True 360º rotary rinsing vs. models with fan spray rinse
  • See-through design
  • Removable stainless steel cover for easy sanitizing
  • Capable of interfacing with the Depalletizer to keep proper amount of can accumulation at all times
  • Side infeed can be interfaced with ink coders for lot numbering – no need to invert cans to code
  • Can is dry when coded


• Select only the machines that you will need
• Postpone shipment until the space is ready
• Customize our units for your specific needs
• We can help you with layout design & more

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