Sanitation | Consistency | Speed

Inline Automation’s Can Depalletizer was built around three basic design metrics: sanitation, consistency and speed. To achieve this we started with a design that eliminated all moving parts, fasteners, and greased bearings from above open cans.  Secondly, we designed a can sweep and belt system that works in tandem to unload an entire stack of cans smoothly without starting or stopping to eliminate can tipping.  Finally, we focused on building a platform with far fewer moving parts than our competitors to minimize maintenance and increase operation speed.

Design Highlights:

  • Sanitary Design: no fasteners, wear surfaces, etc. above the empty containers
  • Cantilevered pallet lift: this eliminates chains, shafts & bearings from lifting mechanics
  • Floor level loading: pallets placed into machine with pallet jack or forklift
  • Ultra smooth lead screw sweep and pallet lift
  • Variable frequency drives on both the sweep and lift: allows for gradual acceleration. Motions moving the sweep back and the pallet down are increased to reduce cycle time
  • Can/Bottle discharge: straight (to eliminate potential tipping.) A laser cut finger plate assures flat discharge
  • High capacity discharge conveyor: allows entire layer to be swept off the pallet eliminating the need to start and stop the sweep excessively, reduces wear and tear, container tipping, and greatly increases the potential speed
  • Allen Bradley controls and interface
  • Capable of supplying multiple filling lines with one depalletizer unit


• Select only the machines that you will need
• Postpone shipment until the space is ready
• Customize our units for your specific needs
• We can help you with layout design & more

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